The toy store was a whirlwind. It was December, the magic month. The toys were prepared to be picked up by the envoys of Santa Claus and the Magi. I know how to dance and sing, said the little doll. They will choose me the first one. -As to me, said the train, with the new engine and the shiny wheels , they will choose me first-You are wrong, said a small computer: I will be the most successful. On a shelf, on top, there was a little wooden soldier which had once had a drum. What will I do? Up here no one will see me. I lack the drum, besides. Nobody will want me. (That made him very sad). I know: I’ll go out and nobody will miss me! He descended from the shelf and taking his chance as a child opened the door, he left.

The street was beautiful, full of colored light bulbs. The doors of the shops were adorned with red flowers, Christmas trees, sleds … How cool! Everything was beautiful.

And now where will I go, if I don’t know the city? He noticed some children with an old lady and followed them. He hurried forward and stood beside them, careful to go unnoticed. They arrived at a department store. The children took some letters out of their pockets and threw them into a mailbox. As it was late and he did not know where to go, the little soldier lay down next to a large cardboard box and fell asleep.

When he woke up, he climbed up the box and saw it full of letters.  Before he could realise, he saw himself inside the box, among letters. He tried to get out and scream but some men took the box onto a truck. Soon he fell asleep.
Sounds of bells and laughter woke him up. He got up and looked around trying to go unnoticed. His surprise was huge and he rubbed his eyes because he could not believe what he saw. He looked again and he was … at Santa’s house!

I can not believe it … I can not believe it, he repeated as he jumped among the cards. A white-haired lady approached the box and took it into a room filled with coloured lights, red sledges and reindeer figures. There were many letters with their corresponding toys.

The soldier tried to escape but the lady took it, while saying: Whoever have put this toy between the cards?! Someone may have sent it to us so we can share it along with other toys, she said.

-No, ma’am, said the little soldier;I left the shop because I am very ugly and nobody would want to take me home.
The lady said: Don’t worry; we will make you the most beautiful toy of all. -For real? . – Sure, said the lady. You make me very happy, ma’am, said the toy.
And so finishes the adventure of the little wooden soldier.


© M T Carretero

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